Breast Augmentation Thailand: After Scar Care Tips

Breast augmentation in Thailand enables a person get a healthier and attractive upper body. During this process, Breast implants Thailand that are made of saline or silicone are usually injected below the breast tissue. These placements play a major role in determining how visible your scars will be post-surgery. However, you can minimize how visible your scars will be by following the following simple tips:

Gentle breast Massaging
Massaging the breast gently with creams and oils aids in flattening and softening the scars. However, this should only be done once the scabs are no longer visible. In addition, massage helps in increasing blood flow which reduces the time taken to heal.

Healthy eating
Make sure your diet is rich in vegetables and foods that contain antioxidants. You can supplement your diet with Vitamin C to improve the wound healing process.

Use Creams
These 3 popular creams help in reducing scarring after your breast augmentation Thailand procedure:

Antibacterial creams
You may be directed by your surgeon to apply this cream to prevent any infections. If requested, ensure you follow those instructions closely. Proper cleaning of the incision area is vital in reducing scars.

Softening cream
Although this has not been scientifically proven to be 100% effective, the cream helps in keeping the area well hydrated which reduces cracking. However, it should only be applied when the wound is completely healed.

Silicone treatments
This is usually one of the best treatments for minimizing scars, moisturizing the scar, softening and flattening it. These silicone treatments are available in two forms: a liquid substance or a thin strip. Depending on the form you chose, they can only be used once the wound is fully healed.

Special Clothing
Often after a breast augmentation in Thailand, the breast will likely become sensitive, hard, and sore. This can be quite painful and may slow down the healing process. Doctors recommend some special garments meant to minimize swelling while offering the breast a normal like appearance. Some special garments that your doctor may suggest include braziers, vests, and foam garments.

The last tip that helps with good healing is to avoid smoking in the course of your breast surgery Thailand recovery process. Smoking constricts blood vessels and can decrease the flow of blood to your suture site making the healing process slow and difficult.
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