Dental Clinics in Bangkok

With the growing demand for health tourism especially in terms of dental treatment, it is little surprise that there are an abundance of clinics opening up in Thailand, especially in Bangkok.  A dentist in Bangkok comes far cheaper that what they would in places such as Europe or North America with their skills and equipment now comparable in many cases.  Many people who do not have dental insurance are choosing to have work carried out in Thailand and those that do have insurance are travelling to places such as Bangkok to get expensive cosmetic dentistry carried out.

When you walk down the street in seems that you can’t travel more a few hundred metres without stumbling across a dental clinic in Bangkok.  Although many are setup to naturally to cater for the domestic market there are clearly many that are designed more with tourists or expats in mind with many signs written in English, Japanese or Korean.  These clinics usually understand that people are on in the city for a finite amount of time and there are the pressures associated with this so may employ many dentists to avoid long waiting lists.

Obviously, if you are planning on getting some major work done it is probably a good idea to carry out you homework before travelling.  Like for many things, the internet is a good place to start.  Simple searches in Google such as “dental clinic Bangkok” or “dentist Bangkok” will bring up a number of different options.  It is then up to you to do your research on particular clinics.  Contacting them regarding the type of treatment is a good start.  Do they reply? Does the information sound correct and plausible? Do they give you confidence?  These are all questions you should be asking yourself after initial email contact.   

After you have decided which dentist or clinic you wish to use for your treatment, you should explain your time constraints.  Check that the work can be carried out during the duration of your stay.  There is little point in travelling to Bangkok for 2 weeks if it will take 3 weeks to carry out your dental work.  Also, check that there are no national holidays around these dates.  There would be nothing worse than failing to get the work completed by the dental clinic in Bangkok because they were forced to close for a few days.  Try and book well in advance so that you plan and allow extra time just in case there are some unforeseen problems.

Once you have carried out your research, chosen your clinic it is time to book your holiday! Obviously, the dental work is a major part of your visit but it should not be the only thing taking place during your stay in Bangkok.  Bangkok and the surrounding areas have plenty to offer travellers in terms of temples, markets and other tourist attractions.  Travelling a little further a field, but still very practical during a 2 week visit, are a selection of quality beaches in areas such as Hua Hin and the islands of Koh Chang and Koh Samet.  Once you are here, meet your dentist in Bangkok but enjoy the rest of your visit!

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