Etiquette When Traveling in Thailand

When you travel to Thailand you are likely to experience a vacation that is exotic. Exotic, people, exotic places, and exotic things none of which the lovely Bridgehouse Hotel can help you with, wonderful as it is, it is just not the same thing. To have the kind of meaningful vacation you want it is best to familiarise yourself with the traditions and customs that governs the people and will govern your visit. This way you will learn to have respect for the people, and also how to conduct yourself in certain everyday situations.

How you greet people

The accepted way to greet each other when in Thailand is with the Wai. You are doing the Wai when you place your palm together so that your fingers are pointing upwards, similar to a praying position. Next you bend your head at the neck. This is all done to show the persons that you meet respect. Most of the people in Thailand will be grateful and pleased that you know and acknowledge their custom.

How to say no

Here you will use the term ‘Graeng Jai’. Well it is really not saying ‘no’ as there is no set English translation. The phrase can even mean ‘not wanting to express your true feelings’ or ‘not wanting to impose your beliefs on others. When you use this term to refuse an offer you care considered as being considerate and respectful. In this old Thai tradition neither party of offended or embarrassed.


If you dress inappropriately in Thailand you will be frowned upon by the people although they will not express it to you in any way. There is a kind of basic rule in Thailand that you should not go shirtless nor bare your shoulders. Basically do not wear anything that’s too revealing. This rule does not apply when you are on the beach.