Explore the genius within at an International School of Bangkok

It’s hard to believe that there are over 100 international schools to be found in Thailand. That means when you want  your child to attend an international school of Bangkok, you will have to sift through the top ones,  narrowing your search down to just one or two that you love. But before doing that, look immediately at KIS International School, because it might save you a lot of time sorting through a list – you might just have found exactly what you are looking for.

Usually the international schools follow the IB programmes, i.e. the International Baccalaureate programmes. This is an international curriculum and therefore recognized across the world. The IB programmes consists of three sections, these are:


  • the Primary Years Programme – from 3-11 years
  • the Middle Years Programme – from 11-16 years
  • the IB Diploma Programme – from 16-18


KIS is officially authorized by the IBO to offer the above programmes. If you as a parent want to be assured that your child is safe, in a quiet, guarded and gated housing estate, you will have peace of mind at KIS. Your child, starting their early years from as young as 3, will be located on the ground floor where they will have access to healthy natural elements to explore, such as sand and water, where they will enjoy being creative and learning how to socialise and communicate with other friends. The primary years are filled with exciting resources that are student friendly, fully in support of this age group, designed to develop confidence, caring, inspired and compassionate young people into the future.  There are computer labs, group learning spaces, drama rooms, gymnasium, educational library and so much more. Apart from being preparing students academically, KIS ensures its students are happy and balanced, offering them healthy outdoor activities such as leafy playgrounds, pools, sport areas and the like.

There is only way to review the KIS International School. Take your children along, make an appointment. You will straight away recognize the vision of Knowledge Inspiration and Spirit displayed before your eyes. Be clever, and make your move.