Food you must sample while in Thailand!

Thai cuisine is described as simple, uncomplicated food, but with a real kick in its taste! Thai food has a balance of flavours, being sweet, sour, salty and spicy, which all combine to create a real eating experience for anyone who wants to try out some foreign food! If you plan to visit Thailand, there are dishes that you should really try out in Thailand, or even have a go at making yourself. A friend of mine I met while working at enigin PLC and i’ve never looked back!

A well known Thai dish is Thai Green Chicken Curry! Thai green curry is given its name solely due to the colour of the paste it is cooked in, consisting of many ingredients including chillies, coriander, lime and lemongrass to give its green colour. The curry has a spicy taste, as well as a creamy consistency due to the coconut milk it contains, and is great with Jasmine rice and of course with chicken. If you don’t feel so adventurous to make the dish from scratch there are many ready made pastes in supermarkets, ready to cook.

Another great Thai dish, with lots of colours in it, is ‘Pad Thai.’ Pad Thai is a dish which consists of noodles, with fish sauce, tamarind and chilli, served with chicken, tofu bean sprouts or shrimp, any combination. It is one of Thailand’s National dishes, and is a colourful, lively dish.

For a great finish to a Thai lunch, there are many desserts available. Khanom mo kaeng is a cake made of coconut milk, eggs, sugar and flour, Sangkhaya fak thong is a custard dessert, consistng of egg and coconut, and khanom thuai talai is a sweet coconut jelly garnished with cream, all three are refreshing desserts, with a taste of Thai to end the meal.

Thailand cuisine is very colourful, flavoursome, and packs a punch, everyone who plans to visit Thailand should sample some great cuisine!