How to find a good international school in Bangkok

These days there are so many schools with “international” in their names that you might have difficulty deciding which international school in Bangkok would be most suitable for your child. Be aware that not all international schools in Bangkok have the same quality of teaching.

While some of these schools are preferred by the majority of foreigners in Thailand, other international schools in Bangkok simply mean that classes are taught in English and the curriculum is American or British. These are more accurately described as bilingual schools and cannot be guaranteed to provide an international level of education.

To find out more about a good international school in Bangkok, it is best to use multiple methods to assess the standards they have set. Ask other parents who have children studying in an international school in Bangkok.

Search online for reviews of international schools in Bangkok. Another way to determine the standing of a school is by looking at their curriculum, accreditations, percentage of foreign teachers and where they come from, percentage of foreign students and which countries they come from.

Visit the campuses of any international school in Bangkok that you are considering and determine whether all necessary facilities are being provided and classes are being held in a friendly environment. 

The American School of Bangkok is one such example of a highly regarded international school in Bangkok. It provides Pre-K to Grade 12 education. The American curriculum followed here is taught with a global perspective. 

This international school in Bangkok equips students with the quality education necessary to be accepted into top universities around the world. At the American School of Bangkok, the state of the art campuses allow students to develop and groom themselves in an atmosphere conducive to progressive thinking and learning. 

Before getting your child placed in an international school in Bangkok, make sure to thoroughly research and ascertain whether the students are getting the kind of education they were promised. The American School of Bangkok surely delivers in that respect and offers high quality education for students from all over the world.