Liposuction in Thailand Is Among the Safest Cosmetic Procedures in the World

The medical tourism industry in Thailand continues to grow exponentially by the year. As at 2012, an estimated 2.3 million foreign nationals made the journey to Thailand and this added approximately 140 million baht to the nation’s coffers. Despite these impressive figures, a number of people still want to know: how safe is liposuction in Thailand? It would appear that horror stories about botched cosmetic surgery in less developed nations still haunts prospective patients but they have no need to worry about Thailand; the health and safety standards in the country match those of North America and most European countries.

If medical tourism in Thailand was dangerous in any way, why do approximately 550,000 Americans make the long journey? Yes, the cost of liposuction in Thailand is far less than what you will pay in your home country but only a fool would prioritize money over their health. The truth is, Thailand’s positive reputation has been growing for many years and now it is considered to be one of the world’s best medical tourist destinations.
Many of the clinics that offer liposuction in Thailand such as the Nida Skin Cosmetic in Bangkok are accredited and known to be one of the safest and most hygienic clinics in the city. For your information, hospitals outside the United States that have the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation are trustworthy as they have been tested and found to have among the highest medical standards around. The United Kingdom Accreditation Forum and Canadian Council on Health Services accreditation are other qualifications of note.

What to Expect
It is only natural that you will feel somewhat nervous about having liposuction in Thailand but at the Nida Esthetic, you will be looked after like a luxury hotel guest. You should expect the royal treatment in the various clinics in Thailand and if you see clear examples of poor hygiene in the cosmetic clinic you choose, walk away and report the organisation if possible. The Thai Government is committed to raising the standards of healthcare in the country as a means of attracting even more medical tourists and it will not tolerate low standards of hygiene and care.
Dr.Piya Rungruxsiri M.D founded the Nida Esthetic; he has been trained and certified in various countries around the world including the UK and US. The most trusted locations for liposuction in Thailand contain numerous surgeons with experience in European countries and North America so they are fully aware of the cultural differences. For our part, our patients always feel at home and if they close their eyes, it almost feels as if they are in a private clinic back home. That is until they receive the bill which is less than half of what they would normally pay!
Given the high standard of clinics, you should expect and receive the best when you look for liposuction in Thailand. As there is such a choice of top quality hospitals, be sure to demand more because if that particular clinic can’t provide it, there are plenty that can!

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