Meditation: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Clarity, calmness, contentment, and compassion. These qualities are fast going in extinction, no thanks to the ever-increasing complexity of the world in which we find ourselves. A way to revive or retain the aforementioned qualities is consistent mindfulness meditation.
It would be wrong to think of mindfulness meditation training as a domain of free spirits who sit awkwardly on a mat. Truth is, you don’t have to be apprehensive about meditation. Rather, you need to embrace it for the following reasons

1. Meditation Is a Happiness Booster
While it is not a source of happiness in itself, mindfulness meditation training helps boost happiness through the run of constructive thoughts. Every second spent meditating is never wasted. Just a few minutes of regular meditation could be a turning point. This claim has been supported by scientists who took up a project which involved studying Buddhist monks who were meditating. They noticed increased activities in their pre-frontal cortex; a part of the brain associated with happiness.
2. It Helps You Manage Anxieties Better
Meditators cope with stress better. Consistent meditation drops anxiety level due to the fact that it involves focusing on a moment by moment experiences. This results in a calm state of mind even in the heat of a tense situation.
3. You get to develop healthy sleeping habits
The report shows that a considerable number of people have suffered from sleeplessness at one time or the other. No matter the severity, meditation is a viable solution to insomnia disorder. Mindfulness Meditation triggers relaxation. Isn’t it interesting how you can just sleep off when you are done meditating?
4. Meditation Helps Sharpen Your Memory
Meditation is a mental exercise. Just as a weight lifter reaps biceps from constant weight lifting, regular meditation also contributes to a sharper memory. Training the brain to reflect deeply on your thoughts will clear your head of unnecessary distractions.
5. Meditation is beyond doctrine
You don’t have to be a Buddhist to meditate. Developing calmness, detoxifying the mind and practicing present consciousness is not an entity of any religious group. It is rather, a set of beneficial activities that can be adopted by any individual seeking self-development.

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