Phuket - A Tourist’s Haven

Phuket is undoubtedly one of the greatest beach destinations of Thailand, The place offers some of the most luxurious accommodations of Thailand, and you will have some of the most memorable moments of life while basking in the warm sun near the Andaman Sea. A holiday in Phuket is just the thing to keep your sanity in self storage mode.

The place can be commuted from the Thai mainland through two bridges, like a pendant hanging from the Thai mainland. The history of Phuket dates back to the period when it was an important commercial harbor from where rubber was traded. The place has changed since then. Today it can be called a conspicuous part of Thailand tourism.

If you take a walk around the town you will feel the richness of Phuket’s past. Tin mining was once an important industry in Phuket. You will get a reflection of the mining aristocracy as you look at the grand old mansions. The town has a unique charm of its own and walking around it is really pleasant. The town is a great blend of the old and the new. There are old cafes and temples as well as modern shops and other amenity centers. On the Thailand Road you will see beautiful architecture that has Chinese and Portuguese touch to them. On Dibuk road you will find hostels that are very popular with backpackers. You can also try making a stay in one of these hostels as they are pretty cheap.

Phuket once had a long stretch of rain forest. But most of it is gone with commercial constructions. Therefore, part of the place has been declared as a national park to save the last bit of the rain forest. The Khao Phra Thaeo is a national park that is ideal for trekking. There are waterfalls inside the park. The park has undertaken the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project to save the gibbons that have been abandoned as pets. The Sirinath National Park is also very famous. A visit to this national park will give you an idea of what mangrove forest with salt water swamps are.