Questions to Ask Before Joining Thai International Schools

There is an abundance of international schools in Thailand. Before enrolling your child to any of them, it is advisable to assess what they have to offer. This ensures that your kid gets the best education.

Here are some questions you need to ask before taking your child to Thai international schools.

What is their preferred teaching method?

The teaching methods used by a school have an impact on the character of your child. Public schools tend to emphasize memorization, which can have adverse effects on the personality of your kid. International schools are much better in this aspect because they use an all-rounded approach when teaching. Students from Thai international schools are also better equipped to deal with life after school.

Do they offer outdoor activities?

Academics are the top priority in any learning institutions. However, too much of classwork is boring. The school of choice should offer outdoor activities that break this dullness, such as arts, drama, music, and sports. These activities also improve the overall wellbeing of your child.

Do they teach Understanding?

People view things differently. Your child should be aware of this. When choosing an international school, ask if they teach understanding. This is a valuable life skill that makes your child a better person in their adulthood.

Do they teach character development?

Character development is equally as crucial as classwork. Before settling on a particular Thai international school, inquire if they allocate some time to focus on character development. This ensures that your kid is better suited to deal with any problems after school.

How good is their learning infrastructure?

Modern education focuses heavily on practical lessons. A right school should have the necessary facilities to ensure that your kids receive the best possible training. These learning aids also give your children a better understanding of their area of specialization and prepares them for further education at higher institutions.


These are just a few of the basic questions you should ask before settling on a particular Thai international school. The most important of all is the quality of education.

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