Services Offered at Dermatology Clinics in Bangkok

The skin is the largest organ in the body and requires the utmost care. Besides hurting your self-confidence, skin complications can also have severe implications on your health, causing conditions such as cancer.
Here are common procedures conducted in dermatology clinics in Bangkok to diagnose and treat skin complications.

Skin Biopsy
A skin biopsy is a simple procedure that aims to examine the nature of growths on your skin. The doctor applies anaesthesia on the growth, removes it either partially or entirely, and then sends it to a lab for further evaluation.
There are three techniques used to perform a skin biopsy. These are:
• Shave biopsy – the surgeon cuts a small part or the entire growth without stitching. The wound usually inside three weeks after the incision, which is generally superficial.
• Punch biopsy – the doctor uses a small cylindrical instrument to remove growths on the skin. Because it goes deeper into the skin, the wound from punch biopsy is stitched and heals after two weeks.
• Excisional biopsy – the doctor removes the entire growth using a surgical blade. After removal, the wound gets stitched and heals inside two weeks.

Shave Removal
This procedure is the same as the shave biopsy, with the difference being that it is done for cosmetic purposes. The doctor removes the growth in such a way that the wound will heal flat. Since their no stitching, the wound usually heals within three weeks after the procedure.

Cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy growths on the skin. The procedure takes a short time to perform but can be painful because it does not use anaesthetics.
Once the growth freezes, it changes into a scab that falls off within three weeks after the application of the nitrogen. The resulting scar is usually unnoticeable unless the growth was extensive.

Conservative Excision
As the name suggests, conservative excision aims to remove the least possible amount of skin. The doctor applies a numbing solution to the affected area before making an incision. The resulting wound gets stitched and usually heals within two weeks.
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