The Thai Culture

Thailand is one of the most beautifu countries to visit in Asia, technologically advanced state with modern and massive architecture, developed ecnomomy and an estabslished market for selling high quality technology products.

But Thailand is not all bout that -this country, situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, is a preffered destination for many people who are eager to explore or just touch to its vast and colourful culture. The territories of the modern day country have been populated for more than 12, 000 years and were first included in the kingdom of Funan during the 1st century AC which influenced the diversity of the Thai culture. It has been also influenced mainly by the Indian dominence -India is the largest countryon the Northern Thai border and thus the huge and denesely populated state has been dominating over the Thai cultural life for centuries as Thailand was included in the different kingdoms and empires that appeared on the modern day indian territories.

The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism (almost 94% of the population) and many of the soldiers in the past retired on the monasteries becoming monks. This has strongly influenced the culture as today many of the tourist destination are closely related with Buddhism -temples founded centuries ago, different animalism cult shrines, monesteries deeply hidden in the Thai Mountains where a visitor can observe the famoust Muay Thai boxing -the national sport, a kind of martial art. All these buildings are made and decorated in the typical Thai style, colourful with sharp edges and surrounded by richly planted gardens -it would be a pleasure for the eyes of every tourist. Not to mention the delights that you can find at the markets, where most of the products are lovingly hand-crafted and are able to boost the best price for gold jewellery in the world.

Even though the topic focused on the religious and the history links with the Thai culture, it is essential to note that these are the richest cultural sources for the Thai nation and every tourist headed to the Southeast of Asia must visit that country that promises the great experience of getting familiar with the ancient and colorful Thai culture.