Thai spy

There’s crime in every country, but when backpacking around Thailand it’s really important to remember that you are a distinctive traveller and that thieves will target you. Make sure you look after your rucksacks – thieves have advanced lockpicking techniques and aren’t afraid to cut through the security you’ve put on your bags. Try not to leave your possessions out of sight, and where possible keep them in a safe or in a locker at a reputable hotel. Consider buying a tamper-proof cover for your bag, which will prevent people from accessing the outer pockets and pouches of your receptacles. If taking public transport, be very aware that people can pickpocket you. In crowded places it would be a clever plan to carry your rucksack on the front of your body rather than on the back in order to have better control over who accesses it. What’s more, remember the pockets of loose trousers can be infiltrated by intruders, so remember to do up any buttons you may have available and put your important possessions (wallet, passport, keys, mobile phone, direction, tube map etc) in pockets which cannot be compromised. Consider secret pouches and bum bags which are slightly safer than traditional luggage. There’s so much to see in Thailand, so don’t risk ruining your holiday – just follow these simple steps and enjoy your holiday or gap year. The same rules apply to other countries as well, not just Thailand. Personally, I’d recommend going to Southend on Sea instead.