Thai tastes

One of the best things about travelling around the world is being able to sample the different foods and national specialities that are on offer, and Thailand is certainly no exception! Once you’ve got used to the heavy traffic smells in the city streets, which always reminds me of the red diesel we used to get delivered to our country cottage in the UK, your taste buds will soon start to enjoy your holiday in Thailand as much as you are!

A lot of British people are actually pretty savvy about Thai cuisine these days, as there are more and more restaurants being opened in our cities and towns that feature the traditional dishes and ingredients from the South-East Asian country. Probably the most famous is the green curry paste which has become so synonymous with Thailand it is even known as Thai green curry in most UK restaurants and pubs! Green curries are often just as hot as the better known red curries that you find in Indian and other Asian cooking, but it is a lot sweeter, which I find makes the heat easier to bear.

As with most Asian countries the main staples, eaten alongside your meat or fish dishes, are rice and noodles. But even here Thai chefs manage to do something unique and unusual. The indigenous rice in Thailand is jasmine rice, usually steamed and served with chillies or lemon juice, while sticky rice is an interesting take on the classic dish; the unusual blend and mix of starches make the individual grains stick together. Perfect for soaking up all that extra delicious green curry sauce!