Thailand Tourism - So Many Activities For Visitors

Thailand’s economy has fared well in the past due to its tourism. Thailand is a massive country expanding over 200,000 square miles and is the 51st largest country worldwide. You could say it is the equivalent to the size of Spain.

Thailand offers many attractions for tourists such as sandy beaches, dense jungles, hill tribe crafts, luxury malls, affordable or gourmet restaurants and more. There are tons of activities for families, honeymooners and golfers.

some activities include:

* Swimming and sun bathing on the tropical beaches with your pick of crowded or deserted beaches. You can find beaches like these on the southern islands around Koh Chang on the eastern seaboard, Phuket and Koh Samui.

* Hire some cheap bikes and go for a cycle.

* Water sports such as water skiing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, para sailing and jet skiing.

* Golf year round with a various high quality golf courses to choose from. You can find the most affordable golfing with 24 courses to choose from in the area around Pattaya.

* Exotic sightseeing in exotic destinations such as Chang Mai, the southern islands, Kanchanaburi, the northern area around the Golden Triangle, Koh Chang and Bangkok.

If the activities were not enough, many enjoy the delicious Thai cuisine. Food is normally grilled or boiled, ground into dips and eaten chilly. You will find an abundance of fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables and rice dishes spiced with black sprinkle. You will experience Thai dishes which incorporate all 5 tastes which include hot and brackish, sweet and vinegary and bitter.

Thailand offers so many reasons for tourists to visit or even settle here. Reasons such as the diverse Thai culture, exotic cuisine, friendly people, low living costs and cheap housing, attractive beaches, vibrant nightlife or the tropical climate. No matter what your pleasure is, a trip to Thailand can really be your ticket of fun and pleasure.