Thailand Transport

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of traffic, Thailand would be perfect for you. The reality is many have a hatred for traffic and chaos when waiting in a car as your blood slowly boils. You could well risk calling upon the services of US car support to transport your vehicle to join you in Thailand, but if you would rather sample the transport first hand, what would you have in store for you?

If you are travelling long distances, then the best type of transport is and will always be a bus. If however you are looking at going short distances, and are a dab-hand at them, a motorbike is always useful. The use of the train is available, if you need a very long and slow journey, while the road is usually taken up by the likes of freight. However the use of taxis or Tuk-Tuks (three wheeled vehicles) have increased, particularly in Bangkok since the 1990s.

While some may be used to the use of motorways to get from one place to another, the Thai motorway network is small, and only provided for relief of Bangkok’s heavy congestion. The Thai Government is now however looking into expanding the motorway system, one step at a time.
While the use of canals of boat transportation isn’t always required, it may be worth a try in order to really get amongst the culture the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok is the place to go, full of locals.

Thailand is known for their Tuk-Tuks, a three wheel vehicle available for private use and hire. They are generally available to most Asian countries and cities. The costs are always negotiated in advance, although the vehicle exposes those using the transport export to the large amount of carbon fumes.