The Wonders of Thailand

The first time I visited Thailand was on my honeymoon, and I didn’t want to come back! There were so many reasons to stay! The people, the culture, the food, the beauty…who would want to come back! I had to literally stop myself from taking up a few secondary teaching jobs in Thailand, just so I could stay for long!

Thailand offers a lot of things to a tourist, whether its the mountains of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand or the sandy beaches of Krabi island. It has something for everyone! The best thing for me, I think were the wonderful Thai massages. Laying beneath the clear blue sky with the ocean, right in front, while a Thai masseur massaged away your troubles. Heaven!
Thailand is also very popular for its cuisine. Whether its raw papaya salad, morning glory, or pad thai noodles, it was amazing food, every step of the way. They use special herbs like lemon grass in their food, that keeps them fit. No wonder they all have such lean bodies and great skin and hair!

One thing that will drive women crazy about Thailand is shopping! Bangkok is the hub for shopping for designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and the best part is that its all so affordable! You can shop for the most chic dresses and bags without burning a hole in your pocket! It’s like a dream come true for every woman! No wonder Thai women are always immaculately dressed, it almost looks like you’re at a fashion show!
If you haven’t been to Thailand, this is your chance! There’s no other place that will offer you the best of hospitality!