Can you limit the authority of the company director?

If you’re a foreign investor that wants to do company registration in Thailand, there are some options to get the job done faster and easier. One of them is to hire a Thai person that will help the board of directors. The Thai law doesn’t require limited companies to have a Thai national that servers on the board of directors. But it’s still a good idea to have a Thai national as there can be some issues and a Thai national, but things like these will vary quite a lot.

A good example here is the situation when a foreign investor will create the company but can’t get the work permit. That’s really hard to do for a foreign person. But a national will get it done properly. That’s why you can have a Thai national as a director to speed up the process.

You can limit the authority of the company director right during the company registration in Thailand process. You don’t have to focus on a specific set of features if you don’t want to, and that’s what makes things so distinct and unique to begin with. All you have to do is to figure out the right option and the overall results can be more than ok in this perspective. The foreign investors can take various measures to try and protect their investment, but the limitations of each company director will be prevalent in here, and that’s exactly the type of thing that you want to focus on at this particular time.

The policy needs to state whether you are ok with opening up a bank account and so on. Ideally, you want the board of directors to have an odd number of people, so you definitely have to think about it in order to get the best possible outcome. It’s certainly not ideal to deal with stuff like this, and in the end the value on its own can be more than ok.

You have to realize that the company registration in Thailand and company law in general is set to be rather complex. But it can still bring in front a huge range of opportunities, as long as you tackle something like this correctly, and you should totally keep that in consideration. This is the reason why you need to talk with a legal professional that will be able to help you with things like this. It’s well worth the idea of handling this correctly, because once you do that the outcome will be more than ok. Once you do that, nothing can stand in your way and that’s the thing that you will enjoy the most to be honest. It’s well worth the effort if you check it out.

Ideally, company registration in Thailand needs to help you deal with the legal stuff for your business. But we recommend you to hire a legal professional to ensure that there will not be any issues. Otherwise you can end up with quite the hassle in the end.

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