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Guide to Know Thailand Business Visa Application Process

Foreign nationals that are planning to travel to Thailand for some business-related activities may first need to apply for Thailand Business Visa. Note that these business visas fall in the B category of the non-immigrant visas in Thailand. These B category visas are generally issued for any of these reasons:

  • To invest in a Thai business.
  • Paid employment for which you may also require Work Permit.
  • Conduct business without any payment.

Who requires a visa to conduct a start-up in Thailand?

Can you limit the authority of the company director?

If you’re a foreign investor that wants to do company registration in Thailand, there are some options to get the job done faster and easier. One of them is to hire a Thai person that will help the board of directors. The Thai law doesn’t require limited companies to have a Thai national that servers on the board of directors. But it’s still a good idea to have a Thai national as there can be some issues and a Thai national, but things like these will vary quite a lot.

Start a business in Thailand

There are some things that you need to keep in mind if you want to start a business in Thailand. Company registration in Thailand is quite complex, but it’s not completely impossible. The country is reasonably flexible and its economy has experienced exponential growth over the years. The first step begins with searching and reserving a name for your company online. You can reserve a company name on the official website of the Department of Business Development.