Should You Set Up A Company In Thailand?

Fearless, vibrant and beautiful, the Surging Thailand has emerged to be one of the most sought after countries in South East Asia. This country has been known for its unique culture and a vibrant ecology that houses many natural locations and forms of wildlife.

Known as one of the Tiger Economies in the 90s, Thailand has seen significant growth spurts since its involvement in the trade of tourism, rice, electrical appliances and jewelry all serving as major products in the country. If you are a business owner, setting up a company in Thailand is a great option for you.

  • Economical Hours and Wages in Thailand

Salaries in Thailand are highly attractive to foreign companies since they are completely low compared to their western counterparts.

  • A Great Population

Roughly around 68 million people are living in Thailand comprised of different minor ethnicities. One of the many reasons why setting up a company in Thailand is ideal is its vast population with different kinds of people bringing in a varied set of skills that could potentially help all the different types of companies.

  • Offers A Strategic Location

Thailand offers a great location wherein business trade and investors can flourish because of its trajectory in the heart of Asia. An advocate of free trade and commerce, Thailand is set up in the cross roads of Asia making free trade accessible to all.

  • Business Lingo

Major Universities in Thailand teaches the language of business English making it easier to pinpoint any adept and skilled Thai employees that can do business and communicate entirely in the preferred language of trade such as English easily. This makes dealing with various foreign countries relatively smooth and encourages an increase in demand to study business for students.

  • A Fast Growing Economy

Thailand as a whole is very economical in its approach having strong exports, providing a steady growth and as well as domestic consumer market that is vibrant in nature. Its economy is also boosted by its abundant natural resources and a cost-effective workforce that attracts so many foreign companies helping develop the industry even more.

  • FDI Policies

Thailand offers investment policies that are focused on free and liberal trade allowing trade routes that are accessible internally and externally. Setting up a company in Thailand that focuses on the development of skills in trade and technology are highly patronized in this country.

  • Government support and Incentives policies supporting Foreign Investors

Thailand’s own Board of investment policies offer support services and tax incentives and import duty exemptions to companies that meet the national development objectives.

  • Long Established and Newly Emerging Industries

With support from various industries and a steady growth in development the country has grown and diversified in both old and new sectors of the industry.

  • Healthcare and Education Services

Thailand is gifted with the excellent reputation of having certified professional hailing from prestigious universities in the country.

  • Strong Corporate Governance

The country has a reputation for being a fearless leader in its internal government systems and applying similar methods to the public sector to enhance accountability and transparency.

With a booming economy, more and more international companies have started to open up a business branch in this country. Therefore, make setting up a company in Thailand one of your options on your next business expansion.

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