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Guide to Know Thailand Business Visa Application Process

Foreign nationals that are planning to travel to Thailand for some business-related activities may first need to apply for Thailand Business Visa. Note that these business visas fall in the B category of the non-immigrant visas in Thailand. These B category visas are generally issued for any of these reasons:

  • To invest in a Thai business.
  • Paid employment for which you may also require Work Permit.
  • Conduct business without any payment.

Who requires a visa to conduct a start-up in Thailand?

Can you limit the authority of the company director?

If you’re a foreign investor that wants to do company registration in Thailand, there are some options to get the job done faster and easier. One of them is to hire a Thai person that will help the board of directors. The Thai law doesn’t require limited companies to have a Thai national that servers on the board of directors. But it’s still a good idea to have a Thai national as there can be some issues and a Thai national, but things like these will vary quite a lot.