An Overview of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that trains your mind to focus on the experiences you feel at a particular moment. It encompasses different exercises, such as breathing practice, body and conceptual awareness, mental imagery, and the relaxation of the body and muscles.

How to Meditate
Your preferences dictate the way you conduct mindful mediation. Some people prefer doing it for extended periods of up to 30 minutes, while others do it for only a few minutes. Regardless, you are assured of a positive result if you make it a routine.
The following are steps that you should follow when practising mindful meditation.
1. Find a quiet place and sit comfortably in an upright posture.
2. Focus on the present and neglect any thoughts about the past and future.
3. Try to focus on your breath as it moves through the body, and take note of every change.
4. If you experience different emotions such as anxiety and fear, ignore them and remain calm.
5. If any of the above emotions overwhelm you, take a deep breath.
6. Observe the steps above until you feel satisfied.
Other than mediation, these are alternative ways of practising mindfulness.

Doing Household Chores
Activities such as mopping and washing dishes give you alone time while engaging your body, which is excellent for practising meditation.

Brushing Your Teeth
You can make the most of your brushing routine by conducting mindfulness. When brushing, take note of your body movements and feel your feet on the floor.

Most people experience a variety of thoughts when driving. For instance, you might think of your plans, what to do at home, or where you need to go. You can incorporate mindfulness by playing soothing music on your car radio or turning it off completely. If your thoughts wander, try to shift focus on your location as well as the car.

You can integrate mindfulness into your training regimen to help you achieve your fitness goals. As is the case with driving, the best way of doing it is by playing soothing music. You should also keep away distractors such as mobile phones and tablets.

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