Post date: 09 / Aug / 2011

You have the option of planning a vacation in Thailand or in nearby tropical islands. However, it is very important to avoid spontaneous decisions when you are planning a vacation on a nearby island. Thailand is a developed country and offers numerous resources and facilities for the modern traveler.

Your child may even find a R4 3DS... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 03 / Jul / 2011

Thailand may finally calm down for a while following a decisive victory by the Pheu Thai party led by Yingluck Shinawatra a 44 year old woman making her Thailand’s first female Prime Minister. A report in The Telegraph today hints at the army being placed in a weakened position which will allay fears of further violence on Bangkok’s streets.... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 26 / May / 2011

The first time I visited Thailand was on my honeymoon, and I didn’t want to come back! There were so many reasons to stay! The people, the culture, the food, the beauty…who would want to come back! I had to literally stop myself from taking up a few secondary teaching jobs in Thailand, just so I could stay for long!

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Post date: 01 / May / 2011

One of my favorite times to visit Thailand is when the local New Year celebrations are taking place, usually in April in the western calendar. OK, maybe some places will be closed, but most bars and restaurants are open until all hours, catering to the partying locals as well as partying visitors. I was once given the choice between spending a... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 21 / Mar / 2011

One of the best things about travelling around the world is being able to sample the different foods and national specialities that are on offer, and Thailand is certainly no exception! Once you’ve got used to the heavy traffic smells in the city streets, which always reminds me of the red diesel we used to get delivered to our country cottage... Read the rest of this entry »