Post date: 29 / Sep / 2010

Thailand’s economy has fared well in the past due to its tourism. Thailand is a massive country expanding over 200,000 square miles and is the 51st largest country worldwide. You could say it is the equivalent to the size of Spain.

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Post date: 24 / Sep / 2010

I was initially considering writing about manual handling train the trainer courses, but after careful consideration I have decided to share a few things with you that I learned during my visits to Thailand. Enjoy!

When visiting Thailand, it is important that you present yourself in a respectful way to the Thai people, especially... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 24 / Sep / 2010

Thai cuisine is described as simple, uncomplicated food, but with a real kick in its taste! Thai food has a balance of flavours, being sweet, sour, salty and spicy, which all combine to create a real eating experience for anyone who wants to try out some foreign food! If you plan to visit Thailand, there are dishes that you should really try... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 31 / Aug / 2010

There are millions of travelers who travel to Thailand each year. Thailand draws this many travelers because it is a very beautiful country filled with sacred temples, thick jungles and hospitable people. Thailand gives any type of visitor something to see and do.

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Post date: 31 / Aug / 2010

Everybody knows that Pattaya in Thailand is very famous for its nightlife attractions, but that does not mean that you cannot visit Pattaya along with your family members. This is because in addition to its nightlife, Pattaya has many daytime attractions too. Some of the attractions of Pattaya are listed below.

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