Post date: 01 / May / 2011

One of my favorite times to visit Thailand is when the local New Year celebrations are taking place, usually in April in the western calendar. OK, maybe some places will be closed, but most bars and restaurants are open until all hours, catering to the partying locals as well as partying visitors. I was once given the choice between spending a... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 21 / Mar / 2011

One of the best things about travelling around the world is being able to sample the different foods and national specialities that are on offer, and Thailand is certainly no exception! Once you’ve got used to the heavy traffic smells in the city streets, which always reminds me of the red diesel we used to get delivered to our country cottage... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 09 / Mar / 2011

Phuket is undoubtedly one of the greatest beach destinations of Thailand, The place offers some of the most luxurious accommodations of Thailand, and you will have some of the most memorable moments of life while basking in the warm sun near the Andaman Sea. A holiday in Phuket is just the thing to keep your sanity in self storage mode.

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Post date: 04 / Feb / 2011

There’s crime in every country, but when backpacking around Thailand it’s really important to remember that you are a distinctive traveller and that thieves will target you. Make sure you look after your rucksacks – thieves have advanced lockpicking techniques and aren’t afraid to cut through the security you’ve put on your bags. Try not to... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 12 / Jan / 2011

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of traffic, Thailand would be perfect for you. The reality is many have a hatred for traffic and chaos when waiting in a car as your blood slowly boils. You could well risk calling upon the services of US car support to transport your vehicle to join you in Thailand, but if you would rather sample the... Read the rest of this entry »