Post date: 27 / Aug / 2010

Perhaps rivaled only by a great val d isere ski holiday, everybody knows that Thailand is one of the greatest tourist destinations of the world. This country is full of different tourist sites. Besides this you can find a wide variety of tour packages to Thailand all of which will contribute to make your vacation at Thailand both unforgettable... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 30 / Jul / 2010

The Thai economy can be classified as an emerging one, with high rates of gradual and steady growth and becoming one of the most influential factors in Asian industry and production. The Thai economy relies mainly on export of goods since the country produces to satisfy the needs of the huge markets worldwide.

Steadily growing... Read the rest of this entry »

Post date: 27 / Jul / 2010

Thailand is one of the most beautifu countries to visit in Asia, technologically advanced state with modern and massive architecture, developed ecnomomy and an estabslished market for selling high quality technology products.

But Thailand is not all bout that -this country, situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, is a preffered... Read the rest of this entry »